Friday, November 2, 2018

Fr Peter Ireorji, MSP - Homily from Friday, Nov. 2, 2018 Solemnity of All Souls

Do you sometimes wonder if you’ll ruin your salvation and never get to heaven? In John 6:37-40, Jesus says: “Everything that the Father gives me will come to me.” He’s referring to you! God the Father has given you to Jesus so that Jesus can lead you to heaven. During your baptism, our Father in heaven said to Jesus: “Here Son, take good care of this one. Make sure he/she is going to make it home to heaven okay.” Jesus replied, “I will not reject anyone who comes to me, because I do your will.” What the Father wants, the Father gets, unless the recipients of his love reject all of his efforts to bring them to heaven. This is equally true for your deceased loved ones. If they had any desire to be with Jesus while they were on earth, they of course – more than ever – wanted to be with him at the moment of death as he stood before them in the fullness of his love. When we meet Jesus face to face, everything becomes clear. We regret the sins that we have not yet purged from our lives, and Jesus lets us choose purgatory as a completely thorough purification process so that we can live eternally in the fullness of God’s love. Let’s keep in mind, though, that the fire of love today and throughout our earth-bound life is more sanctifying than the fire of purgatory. By purifying how well we love now – loving others even when it’s difficult, forgiving others as often as they sin, and giving ourselves generously to the needs of others – we unite ourselves to God’s love. Eternal rest grant them O Lord, and let your perpetual light shine on them. May the Rest In Peace. Amen!

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